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We have an exciting opportunity with our esteemed client which is US 3rd largest
ISP which is into Product Development & Services.

This position is based at Hyderabad and the requirement is very urgent.

Below is the JD for the req :

Job Title: Project Manager

Location: Hyderabad, India

Salary Range: Competitive with the market


Education: Requires B.Tech or M.Tech degree (CSE/ECE/EEE) from premier
institutions such as IIT, NIT, BITS, Anna etc.

Experience: 10-15 years experience in software development and operations.


The Hyderabad Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a 100% EOU subsidiary of a
profitable billion dollar US based ISP with 6.6 million US subscribers.

The Hyderabad ODC started five years ago and has grown four-fold to over 400
people. It primarily supports software development, operations and eCRM
operations working very closely with their US colleagues.

Mission: Design, develop, implement and maintain efficient software - that is
scalable, reliable and robust - for assigned projects.


1. Understand requirements through regular interaction with concerned
stakeholders including counterparts in the other offices.
2. Come out with design for the various requirements and seek approval of
applicable executives.
3. Ensure development of the software after design is approved and undertake
periodic reviews.
4. Ensure thorough quality testing and documentation of the software developed
before deployment into Production.
5. Update team on the latest trends in technology to help improve the software
6. In the case of a Project Leader, supervise and mentor assigned software
developers (3-4). Interact with other departments to ensure that the software
developed is adequately meeting requirements.

Skills & Qualifications:

1. Proven skills in taking a project through conceptualizing to implementation
and maintenance stage.
2. Demonstrated ability of leading a team and motivating them to higher levels
of performance.
3. Programming - Core Java and J2EE technologies (JSP and Servlets), Junit
testing frameworks, Scripting in languages like PERL, Database programming (SQL,
4. Development under environments like Eclipse/JBuilder on Unix/Linux platforms
5. Design/support of high performance client/server applications over internet
6. Code coverage and optimization tools like Optimizeit
7. Internet protocols for email and web-based applications
8. Object-Oriented analysis & design; experience with formal methodologies like
9. Should have managed independently at least one project/sub-system with 3 -4
developers from start to finish (requirements formulation to deployment &
10. Good communication skills; competent to work with teams across multiple

Kindly mail your resumes to abijith.ip@gmail.com.

Have a good day ahead !!!

Thanks & Regards,

Abijith I P
15 years ago
Hi Everyone,

I have an exciting opportunity matching the band which you have been discussing here. If Interested fire your resumes to my id abijith.ip@gmail.com.

Have a gr8 weekend !!!

15 years ago