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Ritu Talwalkar

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Recent posts by Ritu Talwalkar

Originally posted by Sameer Amte:
Hi Ritu,
You can also try for opportunities in London. A few people from my London Office travel from Birmingham. It costs �500-650 per month. It takes about 1.5 hours.

Hey, thanks for that reply Sameer.
I am looking for all possible options, but i still feel Birmingham would be a better place to start as I am going to be new there. So I am not sure if travelling is managable initially. Do you have any idea about the job market at 'Solihull'? this place is near to Birmingham (abt 20 mins from there). We are going to stay at this place most probably.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Dipak Mahbubani:
Generally Indian or Pakistani immigrants who have terrific obsession for going to UK are ready to work in Indian or Pakistani resturants or Indian,Pakistani stores at cheaper rate than market.They accumulate some wealth at the same time hunting for job.You may consider that option in worst case scanario.

Thanks for the advice Dipak, but I am not obsessed with going to UK or any other country for that matter. I have a steady and challenging job here in India. However, I need to relocate to UK, as my husband is going to work there for some time period. Consequently, I need to find a job there�
15 years ago

Originally posted by Kashif Riaz:

P.S. The market is doing well in the city.

This feels good. :-) Can you tell me if the market is good in big cities only. I mean, do I stand a chance of a good job near smaller cities like Birmingham? (I am not even sure if Birmingham is small.) If I submit my resume from India to the job aganecies in UK, will they consider my eligibility? Or do I have to do when I reach/relocate to UK?

And yes, I totally agree with you Kashif! Better communication skills are must for any job and in any country. In India, English is not the first language. However, during the interview, the communication skills do have higher preference over knowledge. If the person cannot explain his knowledge/skills well, then having that knowledge is not useful. So a good communication is a must.

Thanks for the information.
[ May 09, 2005: Message edited by: Ritu Talwalkar ]
15 years ago

Originally posted by Varma dandu:

If u had 4 years of experience in Java/J2ee, UK is heaven for you.
Dont worry too much.U should find it a piece of cake.

Is it? thats a good news for me! :-)
r u in the UK currently? Do you have any idea about the job market arround Birmingham? I am relocating there as my husband works there...
15 years ago

Originally posted by taman khan:
A medical career can pay over �100 000.
NHS is in great need of doctors.

6 years on a graduate programme!

Whats your view on this?

Getting job in UK is so hard???
I am really worried, cause i am relocating to UK and i need a job there. I have 4+ yers of JAVA/J2EE experiance...So if it is so difficult then its going to be tought for me!!!
[ April 30, 2005: Message edited by: Ritu Talwalkar ]
15 years ago

Originally posted by Jogi Poonawala:

You can get answers to your NI related questions here

Hey, thanks Jogi!
By the way, can you tell me hows the job market there? how much scope i have after 4+ yrs of java exp. For getting the job in UK, is it necessary to have some prior exp. in UK itself?

Can anybody give a general idea of job market there?
15 years ago
Hi Prema,
I understand your concern. I am definately not going to rely on this forum, and have already started enquiring abt other authoriozed places who can give me this info. I have seen ppl asking so many question abt getting h1 visa, discussing contract terms in it and other serious matters in this forum. So persuing such a serious discussion is definately not harmful as long as u r not discussing very personal and confidential info.

I dont agree that when ppl r discussing something serious or answering questions, they r doing any favor on others. I beleive, this is a FRIENDLY place and ppl r helping each other and not doing favors! I felt as if i have offended somebody by asking such serious questions!!
[ April 27, 2005: Message edited by: Ritu Talwalkar ]
15 years ago

Only thing you need to get a NI number for which your employer will issue you a letter once you find your employer

From where can i get this NI number? what does it signify? shd i get it b4 applying for job there? who issues this number?
15 years ago
Can anybody help me with this?
15 years ago
I have read many such discussions about this topic in this forum, but i still want to know I hope, somebody helps me out. Well the situation is like this: I work for a good company in Pune and have 4+ yrs of Java/J2ee experience. However, my husband is opting to stay in Uk for a yr. His company has issued a work permit to him to do so. Now, i came to know that according to laws in UK, since my husband has WP, I am eligible to work in UK too. Is that right?

Secondly, how is the job market in UK? Especially around Birmingham? (Cause my husband would be working there) Will the job consulting agencies consider my eligibility? how much scope i have after 4+ yrs of java exp. How do i approach these agencies? does anybody know their counterparts in India so that i can apply from here and get the job before relocating to UK? For getting the job in UK, is it necessary to have some prior exp. in UK itself?

Any answer would really help me!
[ April 25, 2005: Message edited by: Ritu Talwalkar ]
15 years ago