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Recent posts by Arun Kumar Ilangovan

Hi MK,

Can you please send your notes and quiz to

Thanks a lot in advance.
Actually i would like to have the MK's SCJP1.5 Study Guide as one zipped version. If any one have it please send it to
I am preparing for the SCJP1.5 certification.
Can you please give me your SCJP1.5 study guide to me.

Kindly send the same to
Thanks Mark for your suggestion. I too thought of the same thing.
Yesterday i took MK's IBM sample test and got only 55% and also i tried 3 mock exams of MK and got 76,70,75..

now can i successfully take the real exam
I have been preparing for the IBM 486 certification.. i have using UML Distilled 2nd Edition and Applying UML and Pattern 3rd Edition..

yesterday i took IBM sample mock from ur magnet mocker.. i scored only 55% and took 3 of ur mock exams.. and scored 76, 70, 75

pls tell can i appear for the real exam.. pls recommend.. i am very bothered whether to take the real exam or not...
Hello SCEAs,

Can someone give the effort comparision to prepare for SCEA Part 1, 2 & 3.

Which one is relatively tough to prepare.

Since SCEA Part 2 deliverables are UML diagrams, can i say that preparation of SCEA Part 2 is easier than SCEA Part 1

Does any one have bad experience in the First SCEA Part 2 (i.e. anybody got failed in the first attempt).

Please share your experience, so that future SCEAs can jump those hurdles..

I have just started SCEA Part II. My question is "What are the deliverables of the SCEA Part II".

As per the SCEA Study Guide by Mark Cade and Simon Roberts, it is only the UML diagrams for the case study/problem statement given. Is that so.

Should we deliver, things that we do in the real software development processes like High Level Design, Low Level Design, Implementation/Coding, Documentation, Supportive Documents, Deployment Package, Metrics Document, Release Document, etc.

Can you pls give info about the detailed deliverables of the SCEA Part II.
Thank you Luigi Rubino, Anderson Fonseca and everyone.
Actually with your advice i appeared the exam today and got 85% in it.

I used

SCEA study guide by Mark Cade, Simon Roberts
SCEA study guide by Paul Allen, Joseph Bambara,
Head First EJB
Head First Design Patterns
UML Distilled
Lots and lots of onsite materials/mocks found in Java Ranch and Yahoo SCEA Group. But yet managed to get only 85%.

Studying just SCEA Study guides will not help to score good marks. One should review all the available online tutorials,mocks and materials.

Some of the very good SCEA notes are

John Wetherbie,Mackenzie, Chris Broeker, Yahoo SCEA group's Ramu Meda, etc

Once again, Thanks Java Ranchers....

I have been preparing for SCEA Part 1 for the past 3 months. Last week i took some mock questions available in the net. I got 65% as an average mark in each and every topic. Can i appear in the real exam.
Hi All,

Is SCEA Guide by Mark Cade & Simon Robers Mandatory ? Can't we successfully finish Part 1 of SCEA with the following materials

SCEA Study guide by Paul Allen, Joseph Bambara,
UML Distilled by Martin Fowler
Head First EJB
Sun's JMS Tutorial
Sun's Tutorial on I18N
Sun's Tutorial on J2EE Connector Architecture
Security in JSP/Servlets section in Head First Servlets
Head First Design Patterns

Does any one complete the Part1 of SCEA without SCEA by Mark Cade and Simon Roberts.

Please reply..
Also tell me, if there are any mock exams, so that i can test my preparation so far.
Eric is correct.. Even Head First EJB book says that the CMP cannot be created without a primary key
PNG format is one of the recommended format for the Java Based application. Also it has not issues in royalties,etc...
I agree with Ugender. Head First Design Patters is very good