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aryan Ivan

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since May 02, 2005
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Recent posts by aryan Ivan

Hey Mike ,

Thanks i too face the same problem here down India . Here the candidates get 5 birds in hand . If one flies off . There is another one coming down .

The same criteria in Search of Java Devlopers and Project Managers .

And if you speak to them .They keep smiling and thats the most strange part of the recuritment process.

May be there are so many books in the market coming up that its better you keep smiling at the interview it boosts the confidence level .

I think Head Hunting is another best part that i saw . But the best never put their resume in these portals .

They are the ones sitting in the corner . And its hard getting them .

I think the process can work with a proper strategic marketing but how and where to apply .

The answer is I DON'T KNOW
15 years ago
Can anyone explain the basics of EJB theortical

Difference between EJB and Sturts
What is software Development Life Cycle .

Servlet Life Cycle
call here 9850038536 :- Adonis
16 years ago
KPIT IS good brand but i prefer there are others
16 years ago