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Felipe Toledo G Oliveira

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since May 04, 2005
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Recent posts by Felipe Toledo G Oliveira

Hil all,

Im trying to use Castor with Spring.

The problem:
- In my xml is mapped the Customer ID;
- This Customer is just instantiated thru the CustomerManager, which instance is controlled with spring.
- I have created the CustomerFieldHandler to create/retrieve the new instance.

Question: How to inject a new CustomerManager instance in the FieldHandler?
Hi all,

Im from Brazil. Sorry if my inglish is not so good. I am with one big doubt: Do the 1.4 or 5.0 test. I made the tets of K&B and i taked 90%. I bougth the test last week, and when i see the Sun�s website: 5.0 is available! I think if i do the 1.4 test, having the 5.0 available, is not so good professionally, and here on my city (Recife - Pernambuco) dont have too mutch people with the new one certification, so that is a great oportunity to make that. I was thinking in make the 1.4 at May 20 but if i do the 5.0, i have to study more one month, too too hardly, and i dont have any experience of 5.0, i dont know anithing new! What i do???

Im with the Oreilly book Java 1.5 Tiger, and i thinking to start reading right now, but if you all reply me to make the new certification, please give me some sources more to prepare myself, like new mocks available, web material, new books to buy or official tutorials from sun showing new features.

And one more little favor: I dont have the objectives of 1.4 and 1.5 enumerated like K&B shows in the book, so where i see it on the web?? Exists any one like this showing the diferences between boths?

Any material send me please to:

Thank you all for the patience,

Felipe TOLEDO.