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Recent posts by Kin Ng

one of the previous post said it's at this location

C:\Documents and Settings\{your_user_account}\My Documents\IBM\wsad\{your_project_name}\.metadata\.plugins\\

I did find some logs with exception traces in it, but I can't
find the ones with the verbosegc logs.
[ August 08, 2006: Message edited by: Kin Ng ]
17 years ago
Hi all,

I'm using WSAD 5.1 in windows and
I'm trying to locate the standard error log.
I've spent a lot of time, checked the log path variable,
but i'm only able to find the server startup log there.
Does anyone know where I can find the error log? (the error
messages that appear in console)

Thank you.

17 years ago
Thanks for your response.

auto didn't give me any page break at all.

and "page-break-after:always;page-break-before:avoid"

produce the same result. i.e. a blank page

I'm using this tag for generating page breaks for printing..
<!-html text -->
<br style="page-break-after:always;"></br>
<!-html text -->
most of the time it works fine...
However...something goes wrong when the text before
the break actually filled out one full page.
It causes the break to appear as the first tag in the second page,
and it generated a page break at the beginning of the page.
Thus, I'm now having an extra blank sheet in between.
page 1. some text
page 2. blank
page 3. some text

Is there anyway that i can specify the page break so that it
only generates a page break when it's not at the beginning of page??

Thanks for your help guys.....

[ October 04, 2005: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
Just did it 2 hrs ago..
Got a few challenging questions...
Materials used are the official study guide (forgot the name), and
JavaRanch mock and notes links.
actually I bought the Paul Allen book ..but found that there
are lots of irrelevant stuff..
I guess just using the previous ones that i mentioned should be sufficient
for the experienced.
18 years ago
Amazon has updated the release date to be Dec 31, 2005.

I have given up the hope on it......
Amazon replied that they actually have stocks of the study guide now, but they just can't sell them until the official publication date, which is July 29, 05
Thanks to Kathy and Bert for their great book.
and also jdiscuss for hosting great mocks...

SCJA...I'm coming to ya....
18 years ago
Hi all,

Thank you for looking at my post.
It's great if you guys would give me some ideas on the following.

In the Compression wrapper code (HFS&J pg692), I assume that the servlet is unable to send the response straight to the client, because one would need to call finish() on the internalGzipOS in order to do so. Am I right?

If that's true, does it mean that if we want to perform post-servlet-processing, we would always have to wrap the outputstream with something that needs an extra method call to flush?

Thank you all for your time,


Hi all,

Is it possible to download multiple files(on the same host) through one socket connection?
or do we have to make a new socket connection for each GET request.


I think it's the wording of the question.
It says "will return all orders that have line items" (didn't say only).

The set "all orders that have line items" is definitely
a subset of the resultset of Query D, which contains all orders.
That's why D is correct too.

This is what I think.
The answer can't be ejbActivate and ejbPassivate.

Because by the time ejbActivate() or ejbPassivate() is called,
the container no longer has you in a meaningful transaction context,
Thus, you can't be in a transaction at that point.

Business methods, home business methods and remove() of entity beans
should be running in transactions. I guess that's why
the answer is a,b,c
My advice:
Do lots of mocks on the last few days before u take the exam...
the one in HFEJB and on jDiscuss(there are lots there)
get familiar with the questions and style..
they are generally harder than the real test...

Nothing should really surprise you on the exam.

Good luck.
Today I passed with 91%...using HFEJB...
BIG THANKS to Kathy and Bert for writing such a great book.
Today also grabbed HFServlet&JSP out of the bookstore =)
19 years ago
Oh, no wonder...
didn't know there is such kind of thing as temp EJBObj...
Thank you for your clarification.

btw, I just passed the exam today and fortunately they didn't ask
anything on that. = =V