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anirban dando

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Recent posts by anirban dando

Hi Garran-
Thanks a lot. It worked!!..
I want to have a table with some of the coloumns having nested dynamic rows. Like say I have 3 coloumns and 2 rows and in one of the rows cell I want to have again 3 rows. How could I achevie it ? .. I am using JSP.. May be I need to use nested tables ??.. Do I need to create a table in the columns where I want to have dynamic number of rows ??.. Please help me .. thx

Thanks a lot Henry.. It worked out .. U saved my day .
13 years ago
I am trying to execute a shell script with path set to Java 1.3 and classapth set to some custom java classes. After runing the script the command java -version is showing that I am at version 1.1.8 which is the default one and also the classpath is not set. Where am I going worng ?? .. Interestingly the script is showing as Java 1.3 when I queried PATH in the script. Please check my script below -

export PATH="/usr/java131/bin:$PATH"
#export PATH
java -version

when the script is run --


java version "1.3.1"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.3.1)
Classic VM (build 1.3.1, J2RE 1.3.1 IBM AIX build ca131ifx-20040721a SR7P (JIT enabled: jitc))

Where Am I doing wrong ?? .. Please help me ..

13 years ago