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Recent posts by Muthaiah Ramanathan

It's a lot to read!   If each question itself - is such long - it gives very little time to workout the options. I spent 90 mins for the first 42 questions. When I realized I had 45 remaining in 60 mins - I was done!.  

I've passed SCJP / Web Component Certification (OCEJWCD) / EJB Certification (OCEEJBD) - long time ago - but this is my worst experience by far!  

The practice mock exam by MyExamCloud is definitely not in this standard.

I have same question too.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Why do people always go for IBM 833 than the OMG exam?

I'm planning for one certification in the UML and now need to decide which one. Any help?



May I know why did you prefered IBM 833 against OCUP (by OMG) exams?


Got 81% - Would have liked over 90 - but I don't regret - as I was hurrying and couldn't afford some more time.

Having done the SCJP1.4, SCBCD, SCWCD before- I felt this was bit easier after its with Oracle's hands.

I had one question where I clearly know it had two correct answers but the question had a radio button to select only one answer.

Also I wanted to let all the fellow Ranchers know that doing miserable in Devaka's and KB's mock exams is ok. It was meant to be tough - JUST DON'T QUIT, but review carefully.

Finally A big thanks to Kathy, Bert, Devaka, Ankit and everyone contributing for this forum.


14 years ago
Oh good.



This is a question in Devaka's mock exam. Why is this allowed at compile time?

Excuse me - if it too obvious or silly.

Why does below doesn't compile?

When we say, new TreeSet<Object>(), the treeset is typed to take in any object right?

The compiler says the method add(capture#1-of ?) in the type TreeSet<capture#1-of ?> is not applicable for the arguments (Object)

I don't seem to be getting it at all!


Oh Ok. Thanks Ankit. I wonder why sun didn't mention this clearly.

BTW - I did search for Priority queue before posting a new thread and didn't find these threads!
BTW - changing it to String also results in the same.

I'm puzzled with the behaviour of the PriorityQueue. The executing the following code

prints out [0, 1, 2, 7, 5, 9, 3]

In the SUN API Definition, it says

An unbounded priority queue based on a priority heap. This queue orders elements according to an order specified at construction time, which is specified either according to their natural order (see Comparable), or according to a Comparator, depending on which constructor is used.

But why is the above not sorted according to the natural order? Or is it just the way the toString works?
Cool - Anna. Congrats!!!

17 years ago
how long the prepartion takes on average?
I took little over a month, but then I had some experience with EJB.

How do you rate the complexity of this exam when compared to SCWCD or SCJP?
I would say this is somewhat easier, if you know what is happenning. START with few examples and I guess, you will be on track. For myself, I felt I had to remember lot of things for SCJP / SCWCD. But then it is individual qualities, right?
Hello Ranchers,

I gave the exam today and passed with 90% - 63/70. Be cool - It wasn't that tricky or twisting or hard.... If you have taken the questions at ejbcertificate or jdiscuss and averaged over 70%, you are sure to skate thru....

Just a small caution though - The matching questions aren't allowed to review.. Well, you can.. but your previous answers will be gone. sucks right???... Anyway..

Thanks again, ranchers....

18 years ago