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Recent posts by Michael Raymond Jr.

On your link I can't find where it says 664 will be retired.

This link shows it at the top, thouhg:

The recommended book for both tests is:

So I don't think there's any need to fret if you've read the book. Just take the 10USD online test by IBM for whichever exam you are wanting to take to test your readiness...

Originally posted by bhagya raavi:
i written the code for uploding a file.after uploding it i read the content of file and written to a file.i want to save that file in the webserver folder where the tomcat is running.i uploaded the file in the remote place.

I've not used java/tomcat environment in months, but I think there are two things to try here:
- add the relative path of the file to the http://webservername/ to make the file path (eg http://localhost:8080/mywebsite/mysitesFiles/fileName.xyz)
- or, make sure where you are saving the file is in the same folder, or subfolder, where you are running your web application from. I don't think tomcat - or probably any decent container for that matter - will allow you to save in the container's context if it is outside of the currently running web application's folder. For instance, you probably can't save in c:\tomcat\someFolder if you are running your site out of c:\tomcat\mywebsite
15 years ago

Originally posted by Vassili Vladimir:

I have passed today. I scored 100%



15 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
We held a fundraiser and used the proceeds for a new server, which made a world of difference.

15 years ago

Originally posted by Vassili Vladimir:

Back to the days of SCJP and SCWCD, where in the final mock exams, we were informed : Do the final mock exam, get your mark, sum some amount of marks, and your score in the real exam has to be close. And by the way, this approximately worked with me in both, SCJP and SCWCD

Now, is there a similar formula in the final mock exams of the SCJA books ?

Thanks and regards,

I used Cameron's book (SCJA Scam something or other) and the mock exam that was at the back of his book. I took the full mock exam only once and I believe I scored either exactly or within 1% point on the real exam as I did on the mock exam. Now how's that for a proven SCJA formula?
15 years ago
As I look out the window, I don't see flying pigs, nor is the moon blue, but Javaranch is way the heck faster than it was 9 months ago.

Am I dreaming, or did something fundemental change within the last, err, umm, say, 6-9 months?
15 years ago
I did the scjp1.4 and thought it was gross, though mainly because the content is dull CS200 stuff. The questions, I think, were laced with trickery, which made for an unpleasant experience taking practice tests.

MS 70-528 seems easier, but really there's much more content covered on the exam, so in the end I found it more difficult. However, I think you'll find studying for this exam far more enjoyable and rewarding than the SCJP.

While I don't think the MS questions use "trickery" to increase the difficulty level of this exam, at least not to the extent the SCJP did, they do use the most subtle tactics to make you choose the wrong answer. Often they'll pair possible answers together where 2 of them will be nearly identical to eachother, and another 2 will do the same...just have to read carefully. They also use bloated questions on several of the questions, making it rather annoying and cumbersome to digest. By the time you get to the answers, you're like 'wtf' man, get on with it already.

It'd be interesting to hear why you are going with the 70-528 instead of the SCWCD exam.

I have to agree with Theodore that -536 is more like SCJP, and 528 like SCWCD. So comparing 70-528 to the SCJP5, as your post requests, is not really comparable in terms of intedend objectives each exam has.
[ September 10, 2008: Message edited by: Michael Raymond Jr. ]

Originally posted by Tim Weide:
What is the perceived value of this certification?

Just wondering...

depends on who you ask. you knew you'd get that response, right?

i think the difficulty of the content is directly proportionate to the value. while the content may help you in an interview for entry level employment, without a degree and/or more difficult certs, it's not going to impress anyone.

in all, the cert is not considered difficult to obtain, but still my perception is that it's worth more than not having it. considering this, i says get it and aggressively pursue scjp, or more work related exams like mcts.

15 years ago

Originally posted by Elton Kuzniewski:
The SCWCD 5.0 and SCWCD 5.0 Upgrade are avaible at Exam Selection List for schedule on Prometric' website...

But, at SCWCD main Sun's website, not yet updated with this version...
Whatever, access direct link to the test page was work...


[ January 30, 2008: Message edited by: Elton Kuzniewski ]

great, so they are supposed to be the same exam with no new content, but 1.5 needs 70% to pass and 1.4 needs 62%. Hmmmm, I wonder which one people will choose to take.

Originally posted by Mihai Radulescu:

There is still something what I don't get, I plan to sustain the exam in some weeks, so this will be the new exam 1.5 ? or the old one 1.4 ?
If there is a new one why I need to worry about the old one ?


[ January 27, 2008: Message edited by: Mihai Radulescu ]

i agree - go for the new one considering the exams are "identical".

i have one question: why not just eliminate (make it not available) the 1.4 and make all new candidates take 1.5 since they are identical? Or, "refresh" the title of the current exam and not create a new one. Either way, Sun can still produce new books/promos and all that jazz for 1.5, and candidates can still use their already purchased 1.4 material...making the whole world happy. this would eliminate repeated confusion that goes like "which one do i go for if they are both the same?", and prevent the almost-1.4 mob from getting angry due to having to buy new material.

[ January 29, 2008: Message edited by: Michael Raymond Jr. ]
[ January 29, 2008: Message edited by: Michael Raymond Jr. ]

Originally posted by Elton Kuzniewski:
The Sun was launching a new version of SCWCD.

It's not official, but at CertManager (http://www.certmanager.net/sun) is already listed.

See more at:

awesome!! tell kathy and bert to write a book yesterday!

Originally posted by Marc Wentink:
I am studying MS 70-528. I did SCJP5. (Don't ask me why I kinda changed study subject that strange... )

Now I have really tried to find a discussion forum comparable with this one like the SCJP5 and K&R. Hence a forum were you can discus the content of the Self Paced Training Kit of MicroSoft, and which is also regurally visited.

But I cannot find anything usefull. Hence, just may-be someone here can give me a link?

i'm casually studying the 528, so you are not totally alone on this board.

also, I think it's fine to go with the 528 before 536. I've finished a few chapters myself and haven't found any reason to finish the 536 first. Just buy a c# reference book and everything will be clear as mud...

just curious, why not the scwcd first?

Originally posted by Bear Bibeault:
If you are sending the parameter info correctly in the Ajax call, there will be no difference in the way that the servlet handles it. It's just an HTTP request like any other.

I think it's time to show us your Ajax code. Please be sure to use UBB code tags.

thanks for the response. i couldn't post code until now, but decided to take antoher stab at it before posting now that i got some sleep.

everything was right, EXCEPT that in my send() i wasn't equating the paramter name to a value. for instance, i had

send("divName") but should've had


i looked at it a 100 times and just didn't see it!!!

Originally posted by Bear Bibeault:
When making the Ajax call, are you passing it the value?

You might want to look through this article for how to pass params through XMLHttpRequest.


and, i don't see anything in the article except the send() method, and I've tried that.

if that's the only way to send data with the Post (using send()), then i think the Ajax part is correct and this is probably a Java issue...not knowing how to retrieve the data from the JS send() method essentially.

I don't have the code with me, but it's simple enough to explain accurately.

I have a Form, with an Input. The Form does not have the Action attb. The Input calls a JS method, which in turn calls the servlet.

Everything works for this process...servlet is called, etc etc.

When I have the Form with the Action attb filled in, not using AJAX at all, in the servlet I can call request.getParamter("div-tag-name");

However, since I don't have the Action on the Form, i'm not able to get a Div name using the Ajax to call the servlet. This is true for both GET and POST.

How can I use Ajax to call POST on the servlet and still be able to use request.getParameter("div-name") in the servlet? When I do it now it's just null...i assume Ajax doens't send this info. I have tried in the JS method to do the setRequestHeader('content-type.....,'etc etc') and send("div-ID-name"), but still getParameter() in the Servlet is null...

what am i supposed to do to fix this???
[ January 26, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]