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Recent posts by Rajani Deshpande

Yes, Thats what I did, but our CVS project structure is not similar to RAD.
for eg --We have all the jsps and css in a folder called view/jsp and view/css view/js etc

also we have some config files and tlds in src/conf dir.

When I build it , the view files should be copied to the WebContent folder in RAD and the config files to the webcontent/web-inf folder.

the java src and properties are getting cmpiled and copied in webcontent/web-inf/classes correctly.

I tried checking the allow output folders and tried add the view and conf folders to src and setting the output folders for them. but that didnt work out ..
just installed RAD. I have a project set up in Eclipse.( which has different directory structure and is also linked to a cvs repository.

How do I keep the existing directory structure and create an ear in RAD?
Right now I have moved the src files so that RAD can create an ear file and deploy.

But When its time to check in , I have to again move the files to the directories in CVS and then check in .

Any Idea?

No , I dont want to reversion.

I have a old label JAN_RELEASE.. Now its June and many files have changed.

I wanted to duplicate a the old label as JUNE_RELEASE and add only a few files to it.

At the end I want to keep the JAN_RELEASE, JUNE_RELASE tags.(JUNE_RELEASE being exact copy of JAN_RELEASE except for a few files.) If I Create a tag now,Its using all the checked in files which I dont want to.
Say I have a tag in CVS as JAN_2008_RELEASE.

The development is going on and we have files checked in.

We want to have another tag for the same JAN_2008_RELEASE so that we can do a minor release. and yet have the original JAN_2008_RELEASE code available.

rtag allows me to move a file to the JAN_2008_RELEASE but thats not what I want to do.
If I try to create a tag now, its using the current versions of the files and not the JAN Release files.

I want to duplicate the tag as say JUN_2008_RELEASE. which has the same files as the JAN release and move only the fixed files (not all modified files) to the JUN_2008_RELEASE.

Can we do it?
Sorting works fine when I dont use the link..
but when I add the link, it fails.. I am not sure why.. any pointers??

<display:column title="Partner" sortable="true" headerClass="ColumnHdg" >
java.util.HashMap params = new java.util.HashMap();
params.put("methodToCall", "getPartnerHomeInfo");
pageContext.setAttribute("paramsName", params);
<html:link page="/" name="paramsName" scope="page" >
<c ut value="${partner.PARTNER_NAME_VALUE}"/></html:link>

18 years ago
thanks .. Casting it helped.. It works !
I cannot use JSTL because, we have a custom tag which doesnt recognize nested JSTL tags...
I would love to use JSTL in this custom tag.. any pointers on how to make the custom tag recognize the JSTL ${variable} will be helpful..

Thanks for the help
18 years ago
I have a table define like this
<display:table name="sessionScope.userInfo.partnerList" id="partner" class="ResultsTable">
In the column

<display:column title="Partner" sortable="true" headerClass="ColumnHdg" >
<myTag:message key="<%=DataKey+(String)partner.getFocusLevel()%>"/>

It gives me the error saying cannot find getFocusLevel MEthod...

but if I use the JSTL ${partner.focusLevel}, the value is displayed..

using JSTL is not a solution for me as myTag does not evaluate ${partner.focusLevel}
any ideas?

18 years ago
Thanks a bunch for the prompt replies!
It worked! I had to change web.xml too.
18 years ago
i am using jstl 1.1 and i changed the uri to
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>

but still no luck...???
18 years ago
using tomcat 5
18 years ago
actually, it does reqcognize the c:foreach, but not c ut..
I tried this and this prints ${i} 10 times !

<c:forEach var="i" begin="1" end="10" step="1">
<c:out value="${i}" />
<br />

what am i missing?

[ January 12, 2006: Message edited by: Rajani Deshpande ]
[ January 12, 2006: Message edited by: Rajani Deshpande ]
18 years ago
I have a simple JSP page

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>

<%String s= "Testing JSP";
out.println("Hey this worked");

<jsp:useBean id="now" class="java.util.Date" />
<p><h5>Last Updated on: <c:out value="${now}"/></h5></p>

Setting the value: "Hello World!"
<c:set var="hello" value="Hello World!"/>

<c:out value="${hello}"/>

I have the tld files in web-inf/tld and accordingly defined in web.xml
it doesnt give any error but , it prints ${now} and ${hello} literally..

what am i missing?
18 years ago
I want initialize some form variables before I show the jsp page.
So In my action class, I create a new PersonForm and set the initial values for required fields.
then I want to set the form in the mapping, so that wehn the jsp will show with inital values.
but when I do a
it doesnt set the value and gives me an exception. In the debug mode I can see that attribute is null.

how do I set the form in the required scope?
I have tried
if ("request".equals(mapping.getScope()))
request.setAttribute(mapping.getAttribute(), personForm);
session.setAttribute(mapping.getAttribute(), personForm);

This doesnt give me any errors.

but still the value is not set.
19 years ago
Yes, this is exactly what is happening. but I thought the form values are tied to the form bean, so even though the second form bean has some fields same as the first bean, it is a new different bean and so I would expect all the value parameters to be reset.
So how do I get around this problem? I dont want to name all my variables differently in both forms.
20 years ago