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Recent posts by shashikanth penumadula

Can anyone give me some information on this, please.
16 years ago

I am having trouble installing tomcat 5.5.20 in silent mode on my PC. Please let me know if there are any resources related to this.

16 years ago
hi dave
its a great achievement. please post the material to it would be a great help.
thanks a ton
hi vamsi sridhar,
u can contact NIIT basheerbag ....its behind paigah plaza.i dont know their phone number.i think they really know abt the discount vouchers.
hi all,
i want to remind to my friends from india that there are a good number of news channels that really unleash such bad practices. they someway capture such things through a hidden camera, and put it in front of the public.if the person who agrees to do such offence i,e taking money and letting others write the exam for someone they for sure he will be caught and the test center will be who ever has seen such practices better inform about it to the news reporters and then reality will be known.
just think of it.also if the concerned prometric center person is a member of java ranch and if he comes to know abt what i said,then he will stop doing such things . if he is not a member then he will be caught.
hope it really works.
how about hyderabad......i searched in some big book stores in koti but i cudnt find it. if any one knows about it then lemme know.
hi all,
i am interested in doing projects in core java. can any one suggest me some websites where i can find them. waiting for a reply
good day
18 years ago
hi bert,
great to see the news. anyway i am from India, just let me know when will the book release here.great to see the reply.
hi ram
first off, did u give GRE and Toefl exams. if yes then lemme know what r the univ's u have aplied for. coz if those univ's have that particular specialization of ur interests then u may have some chances of getting aid/asst'ship or any. anyway i've taken my GRE and Toefl exams. even i am in the same way, some of my friends there ,suggested me that these certifications may count.
hi akhil
yeah i cud find some info on the net regarding c certification. but i feel i cudnt search enough. if u or anyone here knows any books exclusive for C-certification then lemme know.
take care, bye
hi all, hope u r all doing great.
i am preparing for scjp1.5 waiting for KnB book. anyway i am also interested in doing certification in C. can anyone suggest me some groups, so that i may take the exam asap.
have a nice day
[ October 20, 2005: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
Daemon thread is a thread that is not under the programmer's control. we wont know when it will be executed. Garbage Collector is a best example of Daemon Thread. we may force GC to run, but we are not sure whether it runs at that instance.
correct me if i am wrong.
for what reason are the awards announced?actually i dint understand so i am asking. let me know
hi amir
joshua and mark are saying it right. u can see the topics removed from that link. kathy sierra and bert bates or khalid mughal's books for 1.5 havent been released yet. even i am preparng for 1.5, i am waiting for that books only.
hi amir,
my intention is not like stopping you, you can really take the exam in a month, but once you get into it you may feel like you need more practising. also scjp1.5 has released and you can go for it instead of scjp1.4. its your wish anyway.
once you got your basics right, and you go through a book like Kathy sierra and bert bates or khalid mughal's then you can make it easily. what i would suggest is , take plenty of mocks for practice.
anyway,if you need any other stuff related to java you can ask me. i'll try to help you out.

[ September 01, 2005: Message edited by: Mark Spritzler ]