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Recent posts by chao cai

I have checked the website, I passed the SCEA5 beta.
[Deleted] See my comments in the post immediately before this one to find out why. Andrew
[ November 27, 2007: Message edited by: Andrew Monkhouse ]
component diagram alreays uses dependency relationship,can the association relationship be used in it to represent relationship between the business entities?
[Questions removed]

Please note that anyone doing the assignment has agreed to Sun's confidentiality clauses. I believe that the questions in this post gave away too much information on what is in the new assignment. In addition, the JavaRanch SCEA FAQ is explicit in that only questions relating to domain model or terms are allowed - your questions would also have fallen outside of this scope.

Regards, Andrew
[ November 22, 2007: Message edited by: Andrew Monkhouse ]
I also received the mail told me I passed the part I ,but I do not know my score.
I registed today and I'll take the exam tomorrow.
Frankly speaking, I had not done anything to prepare the test.
But, I think read one book on RUP is necessary.
Today ,I passed the exam 834 65%.
It is harder than 833.
you must focus on the rup knowledage
I am not sure now.
You can also take 834 first.
The OOA/D and UMl knowledage in the test is quite simple,but you must also learn the RUP knowledage.
Just remember it is a IBM's test.
I cleared the ibm test 833, my score is 80%.
It is quite easy test, I did not prepare for this test.
Has anybody already passed IBM Test 833/834?
I am preparing the tests, who can tell me where can find the study guide and mock questions? thanks a lot
I think the container will invoke the ejbLoad and ejbStore to synchronize the data ,so when client invoke the biz method,the container will synchronize the data,so require transcation.
I have passed the exam, but I am not the IBM or IBM's partner's employee,can I get the certification?