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Recent posts by Leigh Parsons

Hi Niranjan,

You're not alone!
It's a tough exam to prepare for (though I hear the exam is not that tough - don't take my word on that - I haven't sat the exam yet, it's only what I've heard! :-)

But I agree, the Head Fisrt books are great for readability, but even then you can lose focus half-way through the book and drift along for a while without doing anything.

Setting a target date is always good for any goal, it gives you something to aim at and focus on, then the work becomes a little bit easier.

As for no time - ditto! I have two kids, work full time, and my wife works evenings, so I get less time, and even less sleep. Add to that, I'm "trying" to brush up on SCBCD, Design Patterns, general OOA/D and other related technologies (JSF, Hibernate, AJAX etc.) that I need for work - FUN!

What I try to do, is one hour of study a day (generally in the morning before work - if not, on the train, even at lunch-time), if I can do more - great. This one hour every day adds up fairly quickly - if you can't do one hour - surely you can find 30 minutes somewhere - even that is better than nothing - chip away at it, and before you know it, you'll be there.

Good luck,
What country are you in Harini?
11 years ago
Hi Anthony,

I can't tell you about the book, but the exam itself is not concerned with EJB (That's covered in SCBCD (Business Component Developer)).
The Web Component Developer is primarily concerned with JSP and Servlets.

As far as the value of the certifications, I am currently studying for both the SCBCD and SCWCD certificates. I work in a J2EE development environment, so this material is especially relevant for me. At the end of the day, the certification is just a piece of paper - I find the value in the "learning" that goes along with studying for the exams (of course taking the exam is the final step to prove to yourself and others that you've (to some degree) mastered the topics).

You need to have a good understanding of the topics in order to pass the exams, so for me, they are well worth doing.
PS - Sorry - also change your links in the form and jsp to just reference the servlet.
ie. change from: action="/servlet/cookieTest.do"
to: action="cookieTest.do".

Hope this helps.

Hi again,

Sorry - my mistake.

I copied your code as you had it above, removed the "/servlet" portion from the defs in the <url-pattern> tags - ie.
was: <url-pattern>/servlet/cookieTest.do</url-pattern>
changed to: <url-pattern>/cookieTest.do</url-pattern>

and it works fine - give that a go.


Hi Moh,

It's hard to tell what is causing your problem without seeing your code. Possibly the CookieTest class has been created in the wrong package (or you've put the class location in the DD <servlet-class> tag incorrectly).

Also check that your CookieTest.class file exists where it should.

If you email me all your files, I'll have a quick look and let you know what is stuffing up.

Use "leigh_c_parsons@hotmail.com", as I'm going on two weeks leave tomorrow :-)


Hi H,

Your problem is most likely due to miss-spelling Cookie.

Calling new Kookie(....) will give you a 'NoClassDefFoundError'. (Unless of course you've declared your own Kookie class).

Change all Kookie references to Cookie, that should solve your problem.


Hi Moh,

Your form should look something like this:



<form method="POST" action="cookietest.do">

Name: <input type="text" name="username"/><br>

<input type="submit"/>




You are submitting this form to the CookieTest Servlet, which sets the cookie, and redirects you to the cookieresult.jsp response page.
The response page has a link that points to the second servlet (CheckCookie).

Hope this helps.