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Recent posts by Michael Tolenruc

Im not a sheriff nor a bartender in this forum, but talking about illegal materials (dumps, illegal copy of pdf books and such like) is not allowed here. If you want to prepare and pass the exam do it cleanly. Also passing the exam using these materials won't do anything good for you in the actual or real world. Let's give some respect to the authors, Sun exam creators and etc...

Just my 2 cents...
10 years ago
This would be great, with this the growing chain of dump users will end here(hoping)! Too bad i've taken my scjp last March, maybe i'll just take/upgrade when SCJP7plus is out, coz Maybe that time this new exam engine will be more established. For now, much better to focus on other Higher exam (e.g SCWCD and etc.) for those who already have the present SCJP like me.

- Michael

Kengkaj Sathianpantarit wrote:

Akash Raje wrote:How will this affect certification exams ?

Oracle doesn't have similar certifications, I think there shouldn't be any affect to the existing Sun Java Certifications excepts their name are likely to be changed from Sun Certified XXX to Oracle Certified XXX.

In case of BEA Certification you can take a look at this link:

Nice link! as a follow up question for all of the guys, how about the people who already acquired/holding certification from Sun? Can we consider our certifications as Oracle certified even though we got it when still SUN owns the java?

11 years ago
Thanks guys! I saw a lot benefits of this certification (can get you through an interview, you will know the basics, prerequisite for other certifications, etc), but I've never saw someone said that this can impress/attract girls??? hmmm.. Better wearing my Sun Certified T-Shirt that i got last year to try!
11 years ago
First of all sorry for posting here, i just want some people to read this.
Last Jan. 29 i took my SCJP6 exam and passed it with 91% score. Though im not java evangelist, i can say that its really easy!

My preparation? Well at first, i followed some metacognitive tips (e.g drinking a lot of liquids, talking with my dogs about java, etc). Then i ordered a K&B SCJP 6 Study Guide book (Orginal Copy and not ILLEGAL downloaded PDF). While waiting for my book to arrive i re-read my HeadFirst Java (Again Original/Legal) book that i've also used when im studying SCJA. Then after receiving my SCJP6 Study Guide book, i read it twice so that it will stick in my brain, i also took some notes and ofcourse code lots of example and doubts. After that its time for mocks, i used Inquisition, Devaka Examlab, and the MasterExam CD included in the Book. Testing my knowledge in these mocks are indeed my confidence booster, on the final exam of Devaka, i got 73% and 68% on the 3rd K&B MasterExam. Though im not posting much in this forum (coz im also working as full time java programmer for 3 years), i make sure that every visit i will bookmarks a lot of useful post.

On the exam day, i've arrived at the prometric 2 hours ahead of the exam, so that i can review all the 2 minutes drill in the book. What i really like about that prometric are aside from friendly people they have also have free drinks (Coffee and HotChoco) so that test takers can relax before the exam. All in all 5 months of preparation.

Though im a little disappointed. Not about the SCJP exam but for those people who uses illegal materials just to pass the exam and label themselves as SCJP. For me their just ruining the name of this certification. Same goes for those who uses illegal downloaded pdf copy of books, for me its not enough to thank the authors if you used an illegal copy of their book, because just like us who wants to succeed on our chosen career, the author wants that too. Sorry, I know some of you will be mad at me, but in any case im glad coz im a SCJP 6 now!

Thanks to the authors (Kathy and Bert) for the great books and Mock Examulators creator (Devaka, Matthew and John Meyers and etc.) and to the active members of the forum!
11 years ago

Srinivasan Jayakumar wrote:Hello Friends,
i have preparing for SCJP 5.0, i had a doubt the following question
11. public String makinStrings() {
12. String s = “Fred”;
13. s = s + “47”;
14. s = s.substring(2, 5);
15. s = s.toUpperCase();
16. return s.toString();
17. }
How many String objects will be created when this method is invoked?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
F. 6

So if we're going to change the question to "How many String Objects will be created?" will be the answer is 5?
Looking at the available free mock exams (e.g Inquisition and Examlab), most of it are for SCJP5, i just want to know if its also applicable or will it prepare me for SCJP6 too?
hi joseph,

Strings are immutable, in your code there are two strings in constant string pool now, "apple" and "orange". The method transform(fruit) will indeed pass a copy of the reference that refers to the same object, but the body of the transform() method, specifically the fruit = "orange" will Create a New String Object (not modify) on the String pool (remember Immutable) and now refers to a New String object "Orange".

Btw, are you from PH (kabayan)
Hi all,

March 31, 2008 is the date i passed the exam for java associate! Using Head First Java and SCJA Study Guide + Mock Exam questions (By Cameron Mckenzie) i able to answer easily some questions.. I will recommend these books to all neophyte in java (just like me). Anyways, is it true that i need to wait 2 to 3 days for me to access the certification database? And is it also true that i will get a free Sun certified T-Shirt (Gift) when you earn your certification in February or March 2008.

SCJP, here i come! ^_^
[ April 01, 2008: Message edited by: Michael Tolentino Taruc ]
12 years ago
I bought this books for my review:

Head First Java (2nd)

SCJA Study Guide (Mckenzie)

SCJA Exam Questions (Mckenzie)
13 years ago
Thanks guys!

I already bought my voucher too, and im on the process of review.. for about $150 too. Anyways Goodluck to us...
13 years ago
i have read the FAQ of certification from SUN, it seems that i can only do online purchase, right? After purchasing, will they send a voucher or will it be in a printable format? Sorry for being noob..

13 years ago
Hi to all,

im a junior java programmer here in our country (philippines) and im planning to take SCJA certification. Actually i already bought some books for my review (HF java 2nd, examscam study guide and exam questions by Cameron McKenzie). This is the first time i'l take an exam from sun so where should i purchase an exam voucher? I dont have any credit cards so i called Sun Microsystems here in PH but the price they telling me is far from the price stated in Sun Microsystems PH web site ($150 USD!!!). Can i purchase voucher from prometric centers?Or just in SUN Microsystems here in our country? Whats included in that package? (voucher and etc?).

Thanks in advance..
13 years ago