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Ramu Chennai

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since May 31, 2005
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Recent posts by Ramu Chennai

thank you thanigaivel i jus asked the price range, but you gave the almost exact price and the location.
Thank you
15 years ago
hey guys, i just want to whether the

Head First Servlets and JSP
by Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates

is available in India . If it is what will be its price range
15 years ago
thanks guys for ur advice
15 years ago
Sandeep i am from chennai
i am also fresher with SCJP 1.4 certification and searching for a job in chennai
i have heard that there are many opening in hydrabad for java
Hope we both get a good job in java
15 years ago
how can u say u r barely pass
getting 62% in SCJP1.5 is really great
What did u follow other than KAthy Sierra
15 years ago
hi everyybody. iam from india
i am a fresher. two months back i wrote SCJP 1.4. i got 91%
i am searching for a job. Mean while i just want to prepare for some Certifications. My problem is that i am confused whether to do my SCJP 1.5 or Web Component Certification (SCWCD) or EJB Certification (SCBCD). which will be better?. guide me. iwant to start preparation.
my next question is that for how many months my SCJP 1.4 will be valid?
do u think 1.5 is necessary for all 1.4 certified guys or can we proceed with SCWCD and SCBCD certification without doing SCJP 1.5
I am eagerly waiting for ur reply guys
15 years ago
Thank u Vishnu prakash and Sameer inamdar for ur encouraging words.
I will definitely follow ur words.
15 years ago
22 july i cleared 1.4 with 91%.
How far 1.4 is valid?
Now what should i write whether 5.0 or some other level(web developer)
i actually completed my graduation 1 month back. i am still a should i stop with one level and completely involve in searching a job
please guide me. i cleared the certification because of this forum and answers from u .i expect the same kind of help from u guys
15 years ago
the correct answer for the question mentioned below is line 20(D)
i compiled that program even i got the same answer
wat is confusing me is that even the line 14 is alsounreachable
while answering i had the confusion of choosing line 14 and line 20.
wat is wrong with the line 14(B). expalin guys

11. public class Test {
12. public void foo() {
13. assert false;
14. assert false;
15. }
16. public void bar(){
17. while(true){
18. assert false;
19. }
20. assert false;
21. }
22. }
What causes compilation to fail?
A. Line 13
B. Line 14
C. Line 18
D. Line 20
Guys thanks for all ur help. i have completed that book(k&B). but iam not confident. i am jus

doing my second revision.i just need some mock exams. so that i can see my level in SCJP1.4. i

jus downloaded some exams from the links mentioned in this site .Some are really tough and others

are some wat i jus need some exams which are closely to the toughness of SCjp 1.4 exam.
pls give some sites from which i can download the mock exams. i am gooing write the exam in this

month end
i am just confused this program.actually the answer to this question is that it runs without any errors and does not produce any output.
i compiled and i have run that program i got the same answer.
but wat is confusing me is that
wat is it doing ?
it is standing out of the main() method.
plz some one explain

public class Qf1e3 {
String s1;
String s2 = "hello";
String s3;
Qf1e3() {
s1 = "hello";
public static void main(String[] args) {
(new Qf1e3()).f();
s3 = "hello";
void f() {
String s4 = "hello";
String s5 = new String("hello");
assert(s3 == s4);
assert(s4 == s5);
thank you nicholas for ur immediate response for my repeated question
regarding my name my full name is ramu.people in india knows this name.
anyway i changed my name
i am going to ask u some very basic and elementary questions.pls answer my questions

1. I have the test in SCJP 1.4 on jun 29.Is the time is enough for me to get good marks in SCJP?

2. I am just following the kathy sierra and bert book(All in one series) only.
Is that book alone is enough for me to get good marks?.Should i follow some other book?

3. sorry for asking this question
I saw the SUN website they have new test (SCJP 5.0).Is SCJP 1.4 is very inferior to SCJP 5.0?.If that is the case then i can write SCJP 1.5 directly.
What I mean by the word inferior is what the employer will think about
SCJP 1.4 when compared to SCJP 5.0. Which is better