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(also see the XmlFaq)


  • Links to various XML specifications

  • Books

  • Survey of XML books in print, by Charles F. Goldfarb; current as of 2008

  • Free chapters


  • XML in a Nutshell Chapter 9: XPath
  • Java and XML Chapter 9: Web Publishing Frameworks
  • Java Examples in a Nutshell Chapter 19: XML
  • Learning XML Chapter 2: Markup and Core Concepts
  • Building Oracle XML Applications Chapter 7. Transforming XML with XSLT

  • Others:

    The XML Bible, 2nd edition

  • Chapter 17: XSL Transformations
  • Chapter 18: XSL Formatting Objects
  • Chapter 19: XLinks
  • Chapter 20: XPointers
  • Chapter 24: Schemas

  • XML How to Program

  • Chapter 6: Document Type Definition (DTD) (pdf)
  • Chapter 11: XML Path Language (XPath) (pdf)
  • Chapter 13: XSL: Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects (pdf)
  • Chapter 20: Custom Markup Languages: Part I (pdf)

  • Tutorials and FAQs

  • XML for the absolute beginner A guided tour from HTML to processing XML with Java, by Mark Johnson
  • XPath tutorial by examples visual representations of XPath; you can see an XML tree and the result of applying various XPath elements.
  • XSLT reference with examples For each element or function there is a brief overview, and a few examples. Click on Interactive xlab, insert your parameter in the XSL expression and see the results!
  • Namespace Myths Exploded, by Ronald Bourret
  • Jeni's XSLT Pages
  • XML Namespaces FAQ
  • - This site has quite a few good examples.
  • XML Master Tutorial

  • Examples

  • List of examples (DHTML, XML, XSL, ASP, CSS, DOM...)
  • Component-Based Page Layouts An example illustrating the use of XHTML + XSLT + XLink.
  • XSLT transforms library A nice collection of useful XSLT transforms, models and reusable fragments under the GPL, involving HTML tables, XML Schema, HTML GUI, MathML, SQL analogy. 15 entities.
  • XML Examples

  • References

  • XML Syntax Quick Reference (pdf) US Letter (8.5" x 11") size

  • Concepts

  • Rescuing XSLT from Niche Status. A Gentle Introduction to XSLT through HTML Templates

  • Style, good practice and tips

  • 28 XML Design patterns
  • Improve your XSLT coding five ways, by BenoĆ®t Marchal Tips to make you a better XSLT programmer
  • A Class Act, by Didier Martin, February 02, 2000

  • XML and databases

  • XML and Databases, by Ronald Bourret.

  • XML and other WEB technologies

  • Using XML and JSP together, By Alex Chaffee
  • Developing, Applying and Optimizing XSLT with Java Servlets
  • Style-free XSLT Style Sheets
  • What Place Has CSS in the XML World?, by Didier Martin. Is CSS a good style language to use with XML? Is CSS an alternative to XSLT?
  • Architectures for Styling, by Didier Martin.
  • Processing XML with Java

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