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Help your fellow Ranchers help you by posting your real code (but not real certification examination questions.)

When you have a problem with your code that you need help resolving please realize that you can only be helped when you post your actual code.

Sometimes posters post pseudo code or code that looks like real code which later turns out not to be the actual code being used that is causing the problem. This scenario will annoy the Ranchers trying to help you and it won't be helpful to you either since the posting of code that is not your real code may well hide the real problem you are having. Not taking the time to post the actual code and UseCodeTags will also give the impression that you don't care enough about your question to ShowSomeEffort when presenting it.

On certain occasions you may not be able to post your original code that is causing the problem for reasons of company policies. In these cases you must create a short example of code that compiles and demonstrates the problem you are having. Please look at [url=]this article[/url] for more information on how to do this.

Code is not the only thing that should be pasted into the JavaRanch edit screen.
Configuration files, environment, variables, and directory structures can often contain minor errors that will cause an application to fail. By using copy and paste to enter add ANY literal text to the JavaRanch edit screen, you increase the chance that someone else will spot the error and help get you on your way.

See: HowToCopyEnvironmentVariables

Taking these steps to cut and paste your code/settings into the JavaRanch edit screen not only demonstrates that you are serious enough to ShowSomeEffort when posting your question, it insures that the people helping you see exactly what your machine sees when running or compiling your application.

Related to this topic there is no need to use SMS style shortcuts in code that you post. This makes it obvious that the code you posted is not your real code and the use of SMS type styling is discouraged anyway. Please UseRealWords

Also see our other tips on HowToAskQuestionsOnJavaRanch
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