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Problems, Questions and Solutions

JstlUriNotResolved: What to do about "The absolute uri: cannot be resolved "

ResourceUrlProblems: Why don't images load? or style sheets? Or script files? Why a 404 on form submit?

TypesOfPaths: What are the different types of paths used in Java web apps?

JavaScriptAndJsp: What's all this about not mixing JavaScript and JSP?

CanIMixJSPWithJavaScript: Can you mix JSP and JavaScript?

RedirectForward: What is the difference between a sendRedirect and a forward?

JspOrServlets: JSP versus Servlets, which is better?

WhyNotUseScriptlets: Why shouldn't you put java in your JSP?

BeansNotFound : Why can't the server find my beans?

IllegalStateException: The most common cause of IllegalStateException, and an easy rule of thumb for preventing it.

IncludesActionDirective : What is the difference between the include directive and the include action?

ElOrJstlNotWorkingAsExpected : EL not evaluating? JSTL not working as you expect?

WeirdWordCharacters: Word-generated "Smart quotes" getting you down?

ScripletVariablesAndTheEl: Why can't the EL access my scriplet variables?

Model1Model2MVC: What is the difference between Model 1 and Model 2? What is MVC?

HtmlHasNoComboBox: What is a Combo Box? Why it's important not to refer to HTML select lists as Combo Boxes.

WhyNotUseJstlSqlActions: Why should the JSTL SQL actions (tags) be avoided?

WhichVersionAmIRunningOn: If you're not sure what the server your code is running on supports


SpecificationUrls : Locations of relevant specifications (Servlets, JSP, JSTL)

The 2nd edition of Volume 1 of Core Servlets and JSP has the second edition available as a free PDF.

JavaRanchJournalArticles : Java Ranch Journal articles relevant to JSPs

JstlTagLibDefinitions : Download locations and URIs for JSTL 1.0 and JSTL 1.1

Introduction to JSTL: part 1 - EL, part 2 - Core, part 3 - Formatting and I18N, part 4 - XML and SQL

How To's

SetupJstlForJsp2 : How to set up the JSTL 1.1 for JSP 2.0

ServletsWebXml : Setting up a web.xml file for Servlets 2.4 (Note: required in Tomcat 5 to enable the EL)

PackageYourBeans : Why you should always put your Java classes into a specific package.

DefineELFunctions : How do I define EL functions that map to static methods?

DoubleSubmitProblem : How to avoid duplicate submissions?

NoCacheHeaders : Want to prevent the browser from caching the page?

JspAndExcel : How to download Excel spreadsheets from a JSP

FileUpload : How do I upload a file with JSP/Servlets?

PaginationOrPaging : How do I limit the number of rows displayed in the browser?

PostRedirectGet : A simple example of the PRG pattern implemented in a JSP page.

JstlTable : Using nested JSTL forEach tags to display a table in an HTML page

RelativeLinks: How to build robust relative links in Servlet and JSP applications


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