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JForum Faq
Frequently asked questions about the open source Java forum software JForum.

  • Where do I download pure JForum?

  • At http://jforum.net/, but the version available there (2.1.9) is no longer maintained. Over at https://code.google.com/p/jforum2/ you'll find a newer version that has numerous bug fixes and additional features. That is the recommended version now.

  • Does JavaRanch/CodeRanch use JForum?

  • Mostly. We took JForum 2.1.8 and forked it to add our own features and remove some features we don't use. You know techies. Can't leave well enough alone. More information about what we added and changed can be found at ReadingAboutRanchJForum.

  • Is this forum about pure JForum or Ranch JForum

  • Both.

  • Is the the Ranch JForum fork available?

  • No. At least for the time being, we have decided to keep our fork internal. We are happy to talk about the features in this forum upon request. A number of the features we added have found their way into the JForum fork at GoogleCode, though.

  • I have a link to an old JForum thread. How do I find it on CodeRanch?

  • See the JForumNetThreadMapping

  • How do I get started with customizing JForum?

  • Start with the most basic changes. After that, read through Robert Crowther's posts; he has written up a lot about various customization lessons and pitfalls. Also see JforumTips.


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